The Recipes

Dogs need a balance of proteins, fats, fiber, and nutrients just like people.

Searching the web on the right diets will always get you back to the needs called out by the guiding organization for dog food, the AAFCO. There are many ways to achieve the AAFCO guidelines. At Healthy Dog, we have tested different recipes, cooking methods, and ingredient balances. The Turkey and Liver, Beef and Lentil, and Chicken and Liver dinners you can choose from, reflect this dedication. The protein, fat, and yes, grains, in these recipes will provide your dog with all the needed daily nutrition he or she needs while providing weight and energy balance. The three meals have been evaluated by RL Labs and are registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture as commercial feed.

Preparation and Serving

Each meal is individually bagged for each meal, so if you feed twice a day, you will receive 14 bags of food for the week.  All the minerals and vitamins are already included.  Just split open the bag and pour into a bowl (my dog likes it though when we mix in warm water).  When you get your week’s meals, place three days of meals in the fridge and the rest in the freezer till you need them. It’s that easy.

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