Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I switch from my dry, store bought food?

Store bought food can have a lot of fillers – like corn meal and other ingredients that end in “meal”.  Ingredients that do little to nothing for your dog. We also hear on the news about dangerous contaminants and bits of plastic appearing in dog food that are making our dogs sick. 

Also, aren’t you tired of carrying that heavy bag of food?


2. How soon will I see a difference with my dog?

I would say 1-day.  Your dog will want to eat versus staring at their dry kibble with that sad looking “geez thanks look”.  Overall 1-2 weeks. Your dog will have more energy and a shinier coat after 1-2 weeks.


3. Why are there grains in Healthy Dog recipes?

We tried no grain recipes and our dogs were hungry about 3 hours after their meal. They turned into stalkers and the longer we tried to push the recipe, the more blah their behavior became. The grains we add like brown rice and oats add fiber, potassium, magnesium and more. We cook all the grains so they are easy for the dogs to digest.


4.  I tried to make a purchase and I was blocked.

You may not be in our delivery zone or we don’t have your zip code entered. Contact us and we’ll figure it out. We believe the zip codes for all of Loudoun, Clarke, NE Fairfax, and north Fauquier county are entered. These are our delivery areas.


5. How long do the treats keep?

We double-bake all treats to a dry and crunchy final product. They may feel hard, but if you snap it in half you will find they are easy to break. The Beef and Cheddar bones will last 4-weeks in the pantry and at least twice that in the refrigerator. The Pumpkin-Peanut Butter will keep for at least 4-weeks in the refrigerator. If you order/buy multiple bags, we recommend freezing treats till needed.

We do offer to “soft bake” bones if you contact us. These bones must stay in the fridge or freezer.


6. How do I store the food?

The meals are like all human grade food and so with your 7-day supply three bags can be put in the fridge and the other 4 should go in the fridge. Your delivery will provide you the precise details.


7. Can I use your food as a topper?

Yes!  We will work with you on the right amount and guide you on how to balance with your dog’s existing food.


8. Can the food recipe be customized?

Yes! We can remove ingredients per your dog’s needs. In fact, the majority of our clients have removed at least one ingredient. Just give us an extra day or two to recalculate the recipe for your dog. Typically there is no change in cost, but some changes will result in a small increase in price.


9. Can I get a discount for a multi-week order?

Yes. We do this for all our clients.  Just call us and we will get you a price.