Our History

Healthy Dog all got started to help one dog.

Our rescued lab mix named Storm developed some serious digestive issues in 2016. The only food she could hold down was chicken and rice, but we knew that she needed vitamin and mineral supplements.  The thought of crushing pills or trying to get her to swallow pills was just not appealing. Thus started over a year of research and many recipes that Storm mostly enjoyed trying out.

lentils chicpeas barleyAlong the way we also found a family connection. My recently retired mom loved to do the cooking– minus the livers. I loved working up new recipes. My daughter became the master bagger and bone maker. Storm was happy to be the taste tester.

Twice a day we enjoyed watching Storm push her bowl across the kitchen trying to get every last bit.  We laughed when she stared at what we dubbed doggie meatloaf, spit out blueberries, and showed a lack of appreciation for when the sweet potatoes were not grated. We laughed at how she would gently take her treats outside to eat as if there would be fight over them.

My sons and daughter helped me plant and maintain a garden with sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, and carrots. Storm’s weight returned to normal, her coat became shiny, and her energy had folks thinking she was a puppy again. Her recent bloodwork shows that she is doing great and the food is meeting her needs. Also along the way we fed a sad dog who had lost his mate and an aging dog who had lost interest in kibble.

Contact us with any questions or if you need a recipe altered to meet your dog’s special needs.  We look forward to showing you the difference that homemade dog food can make in your dog’s life.

More Upsides!

Healthy Dog is a small, woman owned and operated business in Purcellville, Virginia. We are support  local businesses, and serve areas near Loudoun.  All ingredients except the nutrients are purchased in Loudoun County. In season, we buy local produce or grab from our own garden.

Closer to the heart, five percent of all profits go to 29 Acres (https://29acres.org/) which is a non-profit organization establishing a community in North Texas for adults with autism and neurological issues.  It is my hope that their success will spread throughout the United States, including, one day, Northern Virginia.